Your First Visit

At your first visit, you will be asked to fill out some information forms, so please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to allow for this.

Then, a technician will escort you and your pet into an exam room, where they will obtain a history about your pet. If your animal is sick, they will ask you about what current problems you have noticed and how long they have been going on. They will also obtain a history about how you have been caring for your pet. With exotic pets, proper husbandry is very important in preventing disease. Please be prepared to tell us:

    • What your pet is eating (brand names are helpful)
    • What type of bedding you use
    • How big your pet's enclosure is enclosure is and what it looks like
    • If your pet has contact with other animals
    • What type of lighting, heating, and supplements you are using if your pet is a reptile or amphibian

Feel free to bring in pictures or videos on your phone or mobile device, as these can be very helpful! For fish, please bring a separate water sample from the tank in a small container. The technician will then update the doctor with all of this information, and the doctor will start her exam. The doctor will go over her exam findings, make recommendations for care or tests that may be needed, and will give you an estimate for these items so you can make an informed decision together for the care of your pet.